My Philosophy

All of us possess unique characteristics that make us who we are. Sometimes, we can let these things get in the way of reaching our fullest potential. My goal is to help others recognize and embrace their inner strengths.  I believe that this is the key to wellness and healing. We just have to learn to trust ourselves and grow from within. I operate a 100% strength based practice that is designed to help you find your inner champion. I will help you learn to deal with whatever life throws at your way,  leaving you with the tools that you need to overcome future obstacles. I believe that counseling is a teaching practice, where you can learn strategies to promote your own wellness and healing. It’s an investment in current and future self.


Along with wellness coaching and general counseling, I have special expertise in treating symptoms of anxiety, providing you with a wealth of cognitive behavioral coping skills. I use a variety of techniques in my practice to meet your individual needs.  I also provide counseling services related to OCD, panic, depression, grief, relationship concerns, gender identity,  sexuality, self-esteem, body image, family issues, codependency,  and trauma processing.

I have experience counseling individuals of all ages and specialize in supporting adolescents and young adults.  My experience as a high school social worker has given me unique insight into the wild world of high school. I understand how the school system works and can help youth and their families successfully embrace the experience and flourish in the school environment.

Education and Experience

I have worked in the mental health field since 2003. Most of my early experience has been in supporting youth and adolescents. I provided Intensive InHome services to families that were experiencing difficulties and needed intense therapeutic support. I have also worked in a day treatment setting, providing counseling services to youth of various ages. I am a licensed school social worker and have spent years in the school system helping teens and their families find the support and resources needed to create a fulfilling high school experience.  In my private practice, I have provided services to adults and teens, helping them overcome many unique and challenging barriers.

I received my undergraduate education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have a Masters in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I also have Masters in Conflict Management and Resolution from UNCW. This has allowed me to further deepen and hone my counseling skills.